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J E V O U    T O O R A K

The Diamond Service of Melbourne

At Jevou, we re dedicated to providing a unique fusion of private sessions and adult education, with a specialised focus on somatic and sensual bodywork. Our mission is to create a safe and transformative space where individuals and couples can explore their sensuality, enhance their intimate connections, and cultivate a deeper understanding of their bodies through experiential learning and somatic practices. We are committed to offering high quality educational programs, immersive workshops, and tantilizing private sessions that empower our patrons to embrace their sexuality, expand their pleasure  potential, and embark on a journey of self discovery and personal growth. Through out innovative approach to adult entertainment and education, we strive to promote wellness, liberation and empowerment for all who walk through our doors. 

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How to book in

To Book in : You must text the word  TOORAK and what day and time suits to book in to : 0488 938 962

Preference to those who have already been in to South Melbourne, Fitzroy or Sydney Locations for a session. We would recommend that you visit one of our other locations prior to making an appointment in Toorak. Toorak Location is Min 90min.

Experience a Service from the Best

Sessions in Toorak are a 90min minimum session. Please allow ample time for your appointment. You are able to end your session earlier however, the 90min price is always applicable. You are able to book for multiple hours. 90min, 2hr, 3hr and 5 hr slots are welcome. 

Ample on Street Parking is available. 

Only previous clients of Jevou South Melbourne, Sydney and Fitzroy are invited to Toorak Diamond Location. 

An appointment with prior notice is appreciated and last minute cancellations or now shows will be blocked from rebooking.


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