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How can I arrange an appointment?

You can arrange an appointment over the phone on  +61 0422476055 from 9.45 a.m on-wards, or by sending us a text anytime. Appointments can be made one day in advance or for the same day. Our Booking times are 10am - 8pm 7 Days. It is preferred to book for the same day or the day before. 


Is there a sexual exchange during your bodywork?

YES. We do offer a sexual exchange. You can find more details on the Prices Page. 


Yes. We have our own Private Parking Spot Available. Discreet. 



There is no signage out the front of the building. The entry is discreet and it looks like a Single Story Terrace House. You will not pass by anyone else and most times you will be taken straight to your room. At times, the manager will let you in, at times your practitioner will answer the door. Most of the time you will be taken straight into your room. We will do everything we can to not allow you to cross any other client. 

Can I choose my PRACTITIONER?

We have decided to work things differently to other places in the industry. Unless you have seen your practitioner before you cannot request someone and we will allocate someone to you according to your appointment time. As we are busy, the person is free just for you, and if someone else is free they will be more than happy to say hello, otherwise, you will see whom you are allocated to. We want you to understand that you are coming in for the experience of something different, like a Nuru, Sukebe, Tantra-style bodywork rather than for a girl. There are plenty of other spaces out there that offer line ups which you are welcome to visit. We don't offer this. Please note: refusal often offends so please rest assured also, that you don't have to continue with a booking if you do not want to, however, rarely does someone not continue. 


Respect is the most important element to this industry. We will not tolerate rude behavior, demanding behavior, repeated requests for things that have not been paid for, if you are attempting to take control of the session or the practitioner, if you hurt a practitioner, if you remove a condom, or if anything else that is deemed disrespectful. We are strong in our boundaries and will stop a session if there is disrespectful behavior. We will make it clear that you are not to continue and will be asked to leave. Respectfully asking for a semi refund for the "time not used" will be refunded. If you are disrespectful, aggressive or rude, you will be asked to leave and we will not continue the conversation. If it continues, we will contact the police who are on speed dial with direct access. 

Mutual Respect

The work we do demands a high degree of sensibility from all involved and always entails a certain risk of stepping over personal or external boundaries. With this in mind, mutual respect is vital. 

It is in the nature of things that a certain intimacy arises during our massages. Under these circumstances, it is easy for emotions to come to the surface which, in turn, may trigger the desire to want to give something in return by way of physical contact. 

Of course there is a certain latitude for tender, good-natured contact such as holding hands, hugging or gentle stroking. This type of contact is generally tolerated by our studio. However, it is important to respect the personal boundaries of your practitioner at all times. A dismissive reaction should be respected as such, and a verbal denial must be accepted immediately. If it is a NO, it means NO. 

Touching the genital area of the person giving the massage will not be tolerated under any circumstances unless this is a service which has been booked and paid for. 

Generally, we recommend that you shy away from initiating any physical contact. During the massage, try to give yourself over to the skilled hands of your masseuse/masseur and revel in the tingling sensation as it spreads throughout your body – in the knowledge that, for once, you do not have to give or do anything and can simply lie back and relax as the experience washes over you.


If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will be asked to leave. 


Protection is always used for all sessions. Condoms, Dams, Lorals and Gloves are available at all times and will be used accordingly. Please note, we do not offer Natural (unprotected) services. Please google the dangers of unprotected sex AND Oral and no one will offer this or do this in any session. If you attempt to remove protection, this is deemed an immediate end to the session and is illegal and all measures will be taken for safety. 

Can I freshen up before the massage?

Of course. You have the opportunity to shower before and after your massage. 


As a woman, can I also enjoy the services offered?

Of course. We warmly welcome female clients who will be allocated a female practitioner.


Unfortunately, we don't have a male practitioner. 


As a couple/same-sex couple, can we enjoy a couples SESSION at your studio?

Of course. We would be delighted to welcome you. You are able to book for a session and we do allow a short use of the room afterward for couples who would like a 10-15 minute time frame to be more intimate in private. You will need to let usknow that this is what you would like. We do ask that its no longer than 10 minutes. If you would like to use the room for longer after a booking, it is $100 a half hr use extra.  


I would like a wellness Bodywork without an erotic component. Is that possible? Does this reduce the price?

Naturally you are welcome to enjoy one of our bodywork without an erotic component. However, the price remains the same.


Do you make home or hotel visits?

We don't do any outcalls to Homes. In some cases, we can arrange a visit to a 5-star hotel in the CBD area only for a minimum of a 3-hour booking with a practitioner. 50% of the session will need to be paid prior to the visit.  


Why do you not show us whom we are seeing? PICS?

The fact that we do not show any faces on our homepage has one very simple reason: we do not want to jeopardize the privacy of the practitioner. You can rest assured that the practitioner you are allocated to will be attractive. A gentle reminder, we sell services, not girls. And if you do not want to continue with the booking, you are free to leave. 


Can I touch the breasts of my practitioner?

This is only allowed if you book a mutual session or beyond. Please see the Prices page. It is up to the individual practitioner to decide at the moment whether she will allow touch. If you exercise the necessary sensitivity, tender caresses are generally tolerated. If you want to add an additional service of Breast kissing and or breast ejaculation - this is an extra charge. 


What is the difference between a tantric session and a Nuru session?

A tantra massage is performed according to a specific pattern. The aim is to achieve a peak experience or altered state. Although this does not necessarily have to lead to an orgasm. When performing a Nuru experience, however, the practitioner works intuitively to slowly yet surely excite the person receiving the bodywork in the ultimate goal of helping them reach orgasm. A tantra session is both educational and sensual and a nuru massage is a body to body massage using a slippery type of Gel.  


Can I reach orgasm more than once during a massage?

This is a definite possibility during our massages that last more than one hour. There is an extra charge for this.  However, please make this request known at the beginning of the massage so your masseuse/masseur can plan your session accordingly. If more than once is important to you, we suggest you book for two half-hour time slots as each session defaults to one orgasm per session. 

With tantric massages, a distinction is drawn between orgasms with ejaculation and so-called “dry” orgasms, where ejaculation is suppressed by tensing the PC muscle (big draw) or applying finger pressure on the Jen Mo point. Several “dry” orgasms without ejaculation – that is, multiple orgasms – are quite possible during a tantric massage. However, several orgasms with ejaculation during the same tantric session are available for an additional multiple release fee. 

If I already reach orgasm (with ejaculation) before the end of the session time, does this mean that the session is over?

Our practitioners strive to structure the session in such a way that you derive maximum benefit and enjoyment from your session and that the highlight of the session - that is, the orgasm - comes only at the end. Furthermore, our sessions are a good way of honing your awareness and understanding of your body. You will learn how to actively recognize and control your excitement. However, should you climax earlier than planned, you will continue to be massaged until your scheduled time is over. Naturally, you can also choose to end your appointment early. It is up to you.


I would like to enjoy a tantric experience, but I am concerned that I will be too excited at the start of the session to tolerate a longer session. What options are open to me?

The practitioner makes every effort to ensure that you maintain your excitement for as long as possible and derive maximum erotic enjoyment throughout the entire session. However, if you think that you will not be able to enjoy the session in this way, please notify your practitioner of this fact and they will start by relaxing you with a brief sensual massage. You are also able to request multiple releases if you need to for an extra fee. 


Why do you not use feathers and fur during tantric sessions?

It can be very pleasant to be stroked with feathers and fur. Unfortunately, however, feathers and fur are unhygienic since they cannot be properly washed after each use. We therefore refrain from using them completely during our sessions.


Do you use dildos and vibrators for erotic stimulation?

At this stage, for hygiene reasons, we do not supply the toys for the session. However, if you want to have a Dildo or Vibrator used for your session, please inform us and bring your own toy for the experience. You are therefore required to keep it with you, clean it yourself and take it away with you. There is an extra charge for pegging. Please ask/mention if you are after this service also.


A certain medication that has been prescribed to me by my doctor has adverse side-effect on my virility. Can I still get a massage at your studio?

There is a whole range of medications that may cause erectile dysfunction or even adversely impact a person's sex drive, such as antihypertensives and antidepressants. Your practitioner would be grateful if you could notify them of any such issues before the start of the session. 


I have had prostate surgery in the past and can therefore no longer get an erection. Can I still get a session at your studio?

Of course, you can. You do not have to get an erection in order to experience feelings of passion and desire. Your practitioner would be grateful if you could notify them of any such issues before the start of the massage so they can structure the session accordingly.


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