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The sessions of Tantra at Jevou are different. 

If you are after a standard erotic happy ending massage that's called TANTRA - this is NOT that. 

The sessions are designed and structured by the International Institute of Tantra - the Master Classes are now Available in Melbourne at Jevou. 

Experience the breaths of Tantra, and how they work in different sexual postures and positions, the right breath for the right movements in order to sublimate and move the energy from your sexual centres throughout your entire body to feel and experience a full body orgasm and altered state.. going through flow states up towards an altered styte of consciousness.. this is the MASTER CLASS of Tantra. 

Learn to Move, undulate, bringing in the Fire, the fluidity, the movement and the breath.. learn pelvic floor exercises through the sets of 10 and have an experience unlike anywhere else. 

Lingam massage is the beautiful Yab Yum Position of Tantra where you will explode with sensual strokes to your penis while in the opening and closing sequence of Yab Yum. 

then can Advance to higher sessions.. 

Begin with Tantra RED - and further more advanced sessions will be discussed when you come in. 

Tantra Sessions are a minimum of 1 hour. cannot be done in a 30 min session. 

We recommend a few tantra RED, BLUE before going into the Tantric Sex session. 

Sessions are from $300 hr.. Orgasmic Bliss and powerful Energetics. 

Mutual Tantra $350Hr 

and further sessions which could include White Tigress Oral, Mutual Oral and even Tantric Sex.. 

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